Inspired by the poetry of nature, Terra is made from luxurious plant based sustainable fabrics, in line with the brand’s vision: 

“To create a 100% plastic free brand, while drawing on the feminine circle of creativity, sensuality and expression.”

Terra focusses on an earthy colour palette inspired by nature - sand, sea foam, moonstone, rainforest green - while ochre, terracotta and clay pieces pay homage to the ancient beauty of the Australian earth. 

A celebration of the divine feminine, Terra is an invitation to dream and explore. The 14 piece collection presents a focused collection of dresses, camis, jumpsuits and trousers inspired by the transcendent beauty of the wild.

Watch the moon, dance with the sun and whisper with the stars.  

Creative director & Designer, Soraya Bozzetto
Photographer, Alexandra Cohen
Model, Laura Tolleson