A Conversation About Art & Earth Connection with Jade Eye Moon

Get inspired by earth goddess and Lylou Muse

Jade Eye Moon

Dancer , musician, & visual artist


As a dancer how do you connect with the feminine energy of the earth?

This connection starts with creating dance pieces about the earth. By incorporating ritual practices into my dance pieces, it allows me to tap into the feminine energy of the earth.
My favorite practice right now is dancing with a pot. This practice resembles the traditional practice of the woman who goes to the river to collect water for the tribe and carries it proudly back home on her head. The dance of balance...the dance of sustenance... the dance of life. The one who brings the water to the desert. By embodying this it allows me to connect deeper with the land around me.
I love dancing to any music that has the earth echoing through it, as I find it will bring you closer to her when you dance to it.


What is your deepest source of inspiration in your art?

My deepest source of inspiration would have to be unique female artists singing and dancing to the depths of their soul. There’s is alot of this rippling through the world right now and I feel deeply this connection to music and dance is what is needed for us to heal. Seeing a woman in her most vulnerable, yet full expression, gives me inspiration to do the same and show up in that way.
It inspires me to want to get closer with my gifts so I can touch others and myself with expression and have an overall healing impact on the world.


As an artist and as a woman, what do wish to see more in the world?

I would love to see more art pieces that people take their time to make. I feel pressure to always be so fast with creating, or to create just to stay ahead or keep up with an algorithm. This doesn’t feel natural for my creative process, I want to normalize and honor the artist that take time to birth their masterpieces and the ones who integrate life lessons into the substance of their pieces.
I also would love to see the stories around aging changed. There is so much societal pain around women aging and I’m passionate about feeling beautiful and excited about the process of getting older. I want women to feel celebrated as they age and feel there worth get higher as they get wiser and older.



What is your favorite Lylou piece and why in 3 words. Tell us how you resonate with the brand.

My favorite lylou piece is the kaia dress in seafoam.
Why ?
Ocean-connection, self-love, silver-mermaid
I resonate so deeply with Lylou the label & their creations because they choose to create harmoniously with the earth. Lylou the label also echos inner peace, connection of the self, and connection to nature, through the imagery the brand creates. Sustainable practices and natural beauty inspires me especially when it comes to fashion. I resonate with Lylou the label who is passionately rippling this message out into the fashion industry