A conversation with Eco fashion and conscious living advocate

Del Coyle



What is your favorite place or memory connecting with nature? Maybe a childhood memory from your homeland where you fell in love with nature.

My earliest memory connecting with nature is growing up in North Dakota. I had a big yard with a lot of trees and spent so much time outdoors and really fell in love with being immersed in nature and running around barefoot. As I've gotten older and have had the privilege of traveling I have developed a deep connection to the ocean. I get that same feeling of connection with nature when I'm barefoot in the sand as I did when I was a child barefoot in the grass.


Tell us about your journey towards sustainability.
What inspired you to live sustainably and in harmony with the earth?

Over 5 years ago I started to become more aware of just how bad our planet's plastic pollution problem was. Around the same time I watched a documentary about the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment and immediately switched to a plant-based diet. I became aware of how much of an impact I could make on an individual level and I started to really hone in on how I could live more sustainably in every facet of my life. But I'm still on my journey! I definitely have areas I need to improve on, but I know that's ok! I advocate for the "progress over perfection" mindset when it comes to sustainability. The best thing we can do is become aware and to use our voices and actions to influence others.


In a few words what does Conscious Living mean to you?

Conscious Living to me means living in harmony with body, mind, soul, and mother nature. Realizing that we are connected to everything living being on this earth and mother nature herself.

Tell us why it is important for you to care for the environment and what we can do to protect our mother earth.

It's so important to take care of the planet because it's the only one we have! This planet gives so much to us and is an unlimited resource of beauty worth protecting. Sustainable tips that I think are accessible to nearly everyone is to lower your meat and dairy consumption. Even one day a week makes a difference. Also to use reusable shopping bags. I believe this is one of the easiest swaps!

What do you wish to see more in the world?

I would love to see more people make an effort - even just a small one. I would love to see less over consumption of fast, cheap fashion made with synthetic fibers and wish more people would step back and really think about where their things come from, how it got to them and who made it.

Describe Lylou the label in 3 words

Earthy, natural, free. Lylou resonates with me because the packaging is plastic-free, the fabrics are natural and the colors are inspired by nature. The beauty of mother earth is well reflected in the clothing and makes me feel one with nature when I wear them.